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Weapons Charges Lawyers Muskegon MI

Weapons Charges – and the Very Important First Step….

You do not want to be without an aggressive and experienced Criminal Defense Attorney like Matthew T. Miller & Associates, LLC if you are charged with any weapons violation – that should be your first thought. In Michigan, there are very severe penalties for weapons convictions, and these crimes are quite typically very aggressively prosecuted. As a first step……..say NOTHING until you have had a chance to gain counsel from an attorney – not even if asked if the weapon involved is yours. No two cases are alike, and you will need experienced, thorough counsel to investigate all the parameters of your case – and be very familiar with Michigan criminal law regarding weapons charges. Contact us today. 231-726-3333

You may not know what Michigan laws are regarding weapons violations – for good reason – as state and local laws vary considerably. We all should know of our Second Amendment rights per the U.S. Constitution, but states can slap restrictions on top of that. For example, some states are “open carry” states where you can carry a gun without a permit or license; others state you can carry a weapon if you have a license or permit, and there are other quirks in other states. In Michigan you cannot carry any concealed weapon at all without a license. You will want to avoid incurring the severe penalties in Michigan law for carrying unregistered weapons, such as up to 5 years in prison or a $2500 fine.

You need Criminal Defense Attorney Matthew T. Miller & Associates, LLC to fight for your case – as Attorney Miller has a strong history of defending the wrongfully accused and aggressively defending those accused of weapons crimes, and is committed to working for a “not guilty” verdict for you. Don’t be without his help! Contact us today for a free initial consultation. 231-726-3333