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Domestic Violence Attorneys in Muskegon MI

Domestic Violence – You Need Aggressive Competent Representation!

DomesticViolenceYou hear about this frequently on the news, and may think to yourself that domestic violence happens “elsewhere,” to others. Not so – People get charged with counts of harassing, stalking and acts of domestic violence every single day. Do not attempt to fight these charges alone. Criminal Defense/Domestic Violence Attorneys in Muskegon MI like Matthew T. Miller & Associates, LLC, have the experience and depth in this sensitive area of the legal system to work for you in your defense. Although the courts tend to lean toward the side of caution if evidence presented is strong, it is important to know that there are laws that protect the accused and many charges have been thrown out by false or misleading allegations from the plaintiff. A “not guilty” verdict is our goal for you – always! For sure, domestic violence is not just a family dispute – it is a crime, and one for which you need the competent representation of Attorney Matthew T. Miller & Associates, LLC. In Michigan you can get up to 93 days in jail for this misdemeanor, and/or up to a $500 fine. It is not just about spouses either – these laws could cover former spouses, children involved, a dating relationship, or even a former member of your household. Contact us today for a free initial consultation! 231-726-3333

You will have questions – most do, as the areas of domestic violence are broad. It can cover any kind of physical abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, and even economic abuse. Throwing objects at a person, or otherwise doing physical harm to a person in some manner, or even denying access to a mutual bank account – any of these actions is domestic violence. Simply emotionally abusing a loved one and manipulating them through lies and deceptions is also domestic violence. You may not think you are doing any harm, but the courts will feel differently based on prior cases and determinations of crime. Certain socio-economic factors often pre-dispose some to these acts, such as loss of a job or financial resources, or learned patterns of this behavior. Attorney Miller stands ready to represent the defense of the wrongfully accused, and to return a “not guilty” verdict! Contact us today! 231-726-3333