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Marijuana Possession Attorneys Muskegon MI

Marijuana Charges – What You Should Know

Muskegon-Marijuana-Possession-AttorneyWhile Michigan laws now allow the use of marijuana for medical use, and have laws in place to direct that use, the use of marijuana for recreational purposes, or selling or growing it are against the law, or crimes. Penalties vary as to the specific marijuana charges in Muskegon, Grand Rapids & West Michigan, and they can include fines, jail time, or community service. They can also be misdemeanors or felonies, depending on several factors. You can be sure a prosecutor will aggressively pursue your conviction if charged. You need to ensure your Criminal Defense Attorney is building a substantial defense for your case; unequivocally – you need this help now! Contact Matthew T. Miller & Associates, LLC today for a free initial consultation. 231-726-3333

Fines can range from $100 for minor use of marijuana up to 10 million for growing and producing a substantial amount of marijuana for use and sale, not to mention the prison time for this ambitious intent that can be up to 15 years. There are several components of defense to consider, such as if marijuana was actually in your possession at the time of being charged, what amount of marijuana was involved, etc. An experienced Criminal Defense Attorney, like Matthew T. Miller & Associates, LLC will likely build your defense around several different factors, after thoroughly investigating your case. Contact us today or call 231-726-3333 and he will explain exactly how you will need to proceed!