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Theft & Fraud Attorneys Muskegon MI

Theft/Fraud – Representation You Will Need!

Muskegon-Theft-AttorneyYou need not face a conviction for theft if wrongfully accused, not if you have made an attempt to secure a dedicated, committed Criminal Defense Attorney in Muskegon, Grand Rapids & West Michigan who will fight for your rights! With the many kinds of fraud and theftsituations the laws have barely kept up with judicious process to settle these accusations. With the billions of dollars spent yearly just by retail businesses due to the losses from theft, you can be very sure that they mean business when they post their signs that say “Shoplifters will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law!” They mean it – and you will need to seek an experienced and tenacious attorney to fight for your rights without delay! Contact us today for a free consultation. 231-726-3333

One of the most confusing accusations is to be charged with theft for receiving a stolen item – when you may not know that is has been stolen! Crimes such as retail fraud can be misdemeanors or felonies, depending on the importance or cost of what is stolen, and if a felony can mean up to 10 years in prison. Fines can be in the thousands of dollars as well. Forgery is the theft of a name or titles not your own without authorization, or can be the making or altering of a document such as a driver’s license or other legal certificate. Identify theft is a growing problem in Michigan, but can also be aggressively defended; there are many instances where identity theft is not intentional. Your Criminal Defense Attorney, Matthew T. Miller & Associates, LLC is the Attorney of choice for any and all theft and fraud charges – he will commit – every time – to doing his utmost to have a “not guilty” verdict returned in your favor. Contact us today: 231-726-3333!