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Drunk Driving Attorney in Muskegon MI

Defending Drunk Driving Allegations – You Have That Right!

Driving-while-under-the-influence-attorneyRemember, you are innocent in the courts until proven guilty, and Muskegon MI Drunk Driving AttorneyMatthew T. Miller & Associates, LLC will take your case and strive for a “not guilty” verdict return as your Criminal Defense Attorney. There are many factors involved in Michigan drunk driving laws, and when charged, you need a Criminal Defense Attorney such as Attorney Miller who understands what is involved in defending these charges. Although Michigan’s population has been decreasing, the incidence of accidents and fatalities related to alcohol and/or other drugs has not. Count on the experience and competence of Matthew T. Miller & Associates, LLC to represent your best interests and deliver the best possible outcome of your alleged drunk driving charges. Contact us today! 231-726-3333

In Michigan, it is a crime if you are over 21 and driving with a blood alcohol level of .08 or higher. In fact, Michigan also has a provision in the law that states if your blood alcohol level is .17 or higher, you can also receive “enhanced” penalties. If you are younger than 21, driving with a blood alcohol level of .02 or higher is a crime. You can also be arrested if exhibiting impaired driving at any level of blood alcohol. Serious matters, and you will need an experienced Criminal Defense Attorney who will capably serve your defense interests. For the most favorable outcome in your drunk driving case in Muskegon, Grand Rapids & West Michigan, contact Attorney Matthew T. Miller & Associates, LLC now! 231-726-3333