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Post Conviction Expungement Attorneys Muskegon MI

Expungement – The Details of Post Conviction Matters

Muskegon Expungement AttorneyThey matter! These legal procedures are important in that you have rights beyond a conviction. You may have records to clear or the need to see justice served if wrongfully accused, convicted and sentenced. Your rights need to be protected, and if wrongfully accused or needing to set your record straight and get on with your life, you need the critical thinking and detailed representation of an experienced post conviction attorney to keep working for you and your rights. You may need your criminal record sealed (expunged) to ensure that when you apply for a job your record will be free of any history of criminal offense. You may not even be able to own a firearm, get a passport, or help coach one of your son’s or daughter’s teams with a criminal record. It matters.

Under Michigan law, you need to go before a judge to get your criminal record sealed. This can be allowed under Michigan law if you are a one-time criminal offender, and you meet certain requirements under the Expungement Statute. If you are convicted of a crime in any criminal court in Michigan, you can appeal the conviction or sentence within 42 days of sentencing, by hiring an attorney to file this claim for you. Go with experience and go with a dedicated Criminal Defense Attorney – Matthew T. Miller. Contact us today. 231-726-3333