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Child Custody & Parenting Time Lawyer

Child Custody & Parenting – The Children Come First….

Focus on the well-being of any children involved between the two divorcing parents, and you will find you can work out a path toward child custody and parenting time that works best for the children. Muskegon Child Custody Attorney Matthew T. Miller & Associates, LLC is well-acquainted with the heartache, fear, anger, sense of loss, and grieving parents experience when having to separate homes for their children. It is difficult to be logical at this time, which is why you need an attorney to sort out the basic facts of your resources, work patterns and lifestyles that will be factors in a court’s decisions as to the best custody situation for the children. The courts will put the children first – and Attorney Miller will help ensure your custody agreement is the best for both the children involved and you, as he will get to know you and your strengths in fighting for your children’s custody.

It may be that with Attorney Miller’s help you can come to an amicable settlement with the other parent out of court. Regardless of the settlement stage, Attorney Miller will fully and ethically represent your custody wishes. His unique availability and willingness to go that extra mile at any hour to solve your custody interests ensure that Attorney Matthew T. Miller & Associates, LLC is the right choice for this need. Contact us today for a free initial consultation at 231-726-3333.