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Property Settlement Attorneys in Muskegon MI

Property Settlement – Working it Out!

Divorce is depressing – no way around that, even if it is something you very much feel you need to do. The dissolution of a relationship that once meant so much to you both can be very traumatic – particularly when you look around your home or other assets, such as 401Ks, cars, homes, furniture, etc., and wonder who is going to get what. You need a referee! Common sense Property Settlement Attorneys in Muskegon, Grand Rapids & West Michigan such as Matthew T. Miller & Associates, LLC know the law, understand the feelings of anguish, anger and resentment that get spawned with the division of property, and can make a difference in how you feel about the outcome. Professional representation is key to finding the solution to property settlement.
Not everyone has a marriage contract, but they can be very helpful in outlining property settlements, in the way which the marriage contract specifies, should divorce happen. It may seem to some that the wrangling that can go on in property settlement is endless, but courts do enter in, and try to keep divorcing spouses to a timeline of no more than a year to get things such as child custody, property, asset division, etc., to a proper conclusion. Verbal agreements as to who has what quite often don’t meet legal standards, so determinations have to be made with some property settlements. Don’t be left at the short end of the stick, contact Matthew T. Miller & Associates, LLC, Muskegon, Grand Rapids and West Michigan Property Settlement Lawyer @ 231-726-3333!