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Electric Forest Legal Representation

Electric Forest Legal Representation

Electric Forest Music Festival 

The Electric Forest Festival is an exciting and highly anticipated event each year. People from Muskegon, Grand Rapids, Holland, and even many from out of state will travel each year to take in the amazing art and fresh music with friends and family. The event takes place in Rothbury, MI at the JJ Ranch.

Adult Arrests at the Electric Forest Festival

Just like any event, arrests are made each year from people who have either taken part in illegal activity or those who happened to be in the wrong place, at the wrong time with the wrong people when they were participating in illegal activity while you were with them. Perhaps, you made a poor decision because the crowd got rowdy or you were too dehydrated to recognize how intoxicated you might have been from drinking. If you have been arrested at this event, whether you are a local, resident of Michigan or an out of state resident who was arrested during the Electric Forest Festival, you can get strong, reliable legal representation for any criminal charge from DUI, Drug Use or Possession, Theft, Vandalism, Sex Crimes, Internet Sex Crimes, Assault and Battery, from the Law Office of Matthew T. Miller & Associates.

Juvenile Arrests at Electric Forest Festival

The Law Office of Matthew T. Miller & Associates is also your best choice to defend your child who has been charged with juvenile crime charges such as possession of a fake ID, possession of alcohol, underage DUI, drug possession, drug charges, drug use, marijuana possession, theft, vandalism, rape, harassment, sex crimes including internet sex crimes or assault and battery charges. We defend your child with dignity and strong representation, and make it easy to come along side and serve your family during this time whether you are local, a Muskegon County Resident or an out state visitor

The Proven Criminal Attorney for Electric Forest Festival Cases

The Law Office of Matthew T. Miller & Associates has a successful history representing those who have been arrested and charged with crimes at the Electric Forest Festival with dignity to you the defendant. You can count on Matthew T. MIller for aggressive, effective representation in the legal process, compassion for you and your family and tangible contact when you need him no matter how near or far you reside from the Electric Forest Festival. If you have been arrested, accused of and charged with a crime at the Festival, you will be treated with dignity and have a better chance when you choose to work with the trusted legal representation of the Law Office of Matthew T. Miller & Associates.

Free Consultation for Your Arrest at the Electric Forest Festival Arrest Attorney Expert

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About Matthew Miller

Attorney Matthew T. Miller & Associates, LLC brings a wealth of comprehensive legal knowledge and expertise to many areas of the law in West Michigan to include Criminal Defense, Family Law/Divorce, Drivers License Restoration just to name a few. Attorney Miller’s impeccable case law preparation, aggressive style and legal know how has earned him numerous trial wins throughout his extensive career including: A stolen vehicle trial; assault and battery trials; an indecent exposure trial; a breaking and entering – illegal entry trial; a fighting in public trial; a breach of contract trial; and many divorce and child custody trials and motions